Facility Rentals & Hosted Programs

Facilities Rentals

At Headwaters School we have both indoor and outdoor spaces available for other nonprofits, businesses, and individuals to rent for small events and on-going programs during the 2020-2021 school year/summer. We have three campuses; our Springs Campus at 6305 Menchaca Rd, our Creek Campus at 9607 Brodie Lane, and our River Campus, a group of buildings located downtown at 807 Rio Grande. At this time we are only able to rent spaces at our downtown campus, but please reach out to inquire about the other campuses as the situation is evolving.  

To learn more about renting space from us click here. If you would like more information, or to schedule a tour, please contact Keelan Wackman by email at ​k.wackman@headwaters.org or by phone 512-623-5419

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  • Our Rental Philosophy

    All inquiries are accepted. Enrichment programs during school breaks, and extended-day programming will be given high priority.

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  • When Can I Rent?

    Our River Campus downtown can be rented any day of the week any time of day between now and October 17. Throughout the year, many spaces can be rented weeknight evenings after 4 p.m. and all day on weekends during the school year.
    Summer rentals are typically for a week at a time (Monday through Friday), starting the first week of June.
  • Room Rates

    Hourly/Daily Max
    Rental Rate
    Non-Profit Rate
    Hourly/Daily Max
    Rental Rate
    River campus 15 rooms in three buildings 
    $50 / $175
    $175 / $750
    $35 / $125
    $125 / $500
    River Studio
    $250 / $750
    $500 / $2,000
    $175 / $500
    $300 / $1,200
    Creek Avocado
    $60 / $325
    $200 / $880
    $30 / $160
    $125 / $400
    Creek and Springs Campus Classrooms
    $50 / $175
    $175 / $750
    $35 / $125
    $125 / $500

    *****We have measured all our rooms and calculated the maximum number of individuals each can hold while adhering to social distancing requirements. Contact Keelan for detailed information.
  • How Do I Start the Process?

    Begin by completing a Space Request Form (see below) or contact Keelan Wackman by email at ​k.wackman@headwaters.org or by phone 512-623-5419

    Insurance must be provided with the request for space rental. Users must satisfy the insurance requirements of the school’s insurer: $1,000,000 per occurrence, $2,000,000 aggregate, $5,000 medical payments to others, $100,000 damage to rented premises. Headwaters School should be listed as additional insured on the policy and a primary and non-contributing waiver of subrogation endorsement.
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  • I'd Like More Information

    Please direct all questions to Keelan Wackman, Director of Development. 

    Email: k.wackman@headwaters.org
    Phone: 512-623-5419

Programs Hosted at Headwaters

Opportunities are ongoing for small group lessons taught by our community partners on the Headwaters River Campus. Find out more about Swordcasting, Yoga, and Piano lessons here with programs and camps that Hosted at Headwaters!

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  • Sword Casting at the River Campus on 1/31 and 2/13

    Greg Wenderski Swordcasting
    Greg Wenderski, 

    Sword Casting at the River Campus


    Have you ever watched someone making a sword in the movies and thought it looked too cool for school? If so, this class is for you! 
    Join us Sunday, January 31 or Saturday, February 13
    These all ages classes are from 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. each day. You'll start by learning about the beginning of metal work over 5,000 years ago and examine artifacts that trace the evolution of metallurgy across several cultures. Next, you'll choose a wooden sword from several historical Bronze Age patterns, and get your hands dirty making a careful sand cast of the wooden original. And then watch as we pour your mold with molten metal! Afterwards, while you take a lunch break, several volunteers & I grind the swords smooth and prepare them for handles. When you come back, wrap the handle in leather and stamp your initials in the metal before taking your sword home! This class is an Austin original, usually sells out, and is not taught anywhere else, so grab a friend and strike while the iron is hot!  
    A percentage of every registration from Headwaters’ families is donated back to us, so mention the school when enrolling. To register and get more information, go to swordcastingguy.com/calendar/
  • Yoga and Mindfulness with Cynthia Bernard at the River Campus

    ATX Yoga Girl
    Yoga and Mindfulness with Cynthia Bernard
    At the River Campus

    After school yoga classes offer students in elementary through high school an opportunity to explore a yoga and mindfulness practice, enhancing students self-awareness and ability to be more conscious in their thoughts, actions, and decisions. 

    Students will learn a variety of yoga poses and sequences to help promote focus, healthy body awareness, connection, balance, and focus. In each session, we practice breathing techniques, guided meditations, and affirmations to deal with stress and difficult emotions.

    Students are encouraged to work at their own level, with modifications shown for more difficult poses, to allow everyone to participate. As students experience the physical benefits of yoga, they also learn about yoga philosophy (kindness, gratefulness, honesty, truthfulness, etc.).

    Cynthia has taught for AISD after school programs, Just Keep Livin’ Foundation (high school programs), Girls Empowerment Network, supported mindfulness retreats for AISD staff/families, and has many other partners in the Austin area such as Jump Gymnastics and Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center.

    Register for a group session at a discount. Just $25 for a child and parent pair, limited to 5 children from the same class/pod. Just email atxyogagirl@gmail.com.

    Weekly sessions: Tuesdays from 4:15-5:15 p.m. for 6 weeks of in-person after school classes taught outside at the River Campus (807 Rio Grande St.) unless there is inclement weather. 

    Facilitator: Cynthia Bernard, Founder of ATX Yoga Girl
    Email: atxyogagirl@gmail.com
    Phone: 512-865-7384
  • Keyboarding Lessons Afterschool with iPianoLab at the River Campus

    iPiano Student Playing a Keyboard
    Keyboarding Lessons Afters chool with iPianoLab
    At the River Campus

    iPianoLab Afterschool Keyboard Clubs are a fresh, fun way to learn piano or keyboard. 

    This spring, iPianoLab will be hosting a special club at Headwaters' River Campus (807 Rio Grande St.) for students in Kindergarten and older. Keyboard Club meets Thursdays from 4:05 p.m. to 5:05 p.m. Both in-person and virtual instruction are available. 

    Class Size Limited, Enroll Early! 

    iPianoLab teaches kids the keyboard basics on engaging songs they really like! Imagine Dragons, Spongebob, Super Mario Bros, Star Wars, Havana, Old Town Road, Dance Monkey, even Bach and Beethoven are all in reach, right from the first lesson! Learn more about this program by visiting this link. 

    Register following these steps:
    1) Log on to ipianolab.com/signup and create an account 
    2) From the options, pick “Learn at School” 
    3) From the pulldown menu, select “Headwaters”
    4) Follow the rest of the prompts

Springs Campus

18 months to Pre-K
6305 Menchaca Rd.
Austin, TX 78745
Phone: 512-443-8843

Creek Campus

Elementary School
9607 Brodie Ln.
Austin, TX 78748
Phone: 512-804-2708
Fax: 512-628-4810

River Campus

Middle & High School
807 Rio Grande St.
Austin, TX 78701
Phone: 512-480-8142
Fax: 512-480-0278