Music at Headwaters reaches every age and grade level. From rhythm to advanced theory, students express themselves through sound and storytelling.
Music in Elementary is a lively and immersive experience. Students in all grades are exposed to a variety of instruments and percussion techniques designed to help children gain independence as musicians and composers. Recorders and ukuleles will be introduced in the upper elementary program to expose students to music reading, composing, and improvisation. Structured play, dynamic movement and rhythmical speech and song are designed to create a high level of engagement and fun. A musical community evolves as students feel the joy of singing, dancing, and playing music together.

Our Middle School music program includes woodwinds, strings, percussion, and brass. Our focus is for students to learn musical skills such as improvisation, musical notation, safe and accurate instrument fundamentals, and independent musical reading skills. While students do gain important fundamental skills such as sight reading and scales, the main intention of the program is creativity and improvisation. Student performers eventually learn to create music from within themselves, not just recreate notes from a page.

Our High School ensembles offer opportunities for students who already have some experience to further their exploration of music through studying fundamentals like reading, music theory, instrumental practice, improvisation and public performance.
Students will learn to make music together, and have direct input into how and what they play. Our IB Music program is for the student looking to do a deeper dive into the subject. Eleventh and 12th graders in IB Music can expect to do a further study of music theory, but also compose, perform, research different musical cultures/genres, learn about the music industry and how it's changing, practice ear training, study and analyze scores, experience and perform new styles of music from all over the world, and overall develop a deeper understanding of music. 

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