Board Update, December 2019

Board of Trustees
During this first semester, the Board has been engaged deeply in supporting the school in its work on finances, facilities, and school identity.
Prior to sharing the details of that work, we want to inform the community that Heather Vickers has decided to step back from some of her Board leadership duties. During Heather’s three years of remarkable and transformative leadership, the school has continued its path toward financial stability; we have answered some key questions about the school’s future with the purchase of the River properties; and Heather's work with Ted on equitable faculty compensation has made a huge difference in the lives of our outstanding faculty. As the Board conducts a process to identify its next Board Chair, Jerry Aubin, as defined in his duties as Vice Chair, will serve as Acting Chair for the remainder of the academic year.

 Here are some of the Board highlights from first semester:
  • The Board first met as a whole in late August. At this meeting, we voted on the final budget for the school year. Board expectations were shared, including participation in the Annual Fund. By the time the Board met in September, the Board was at 100% participation in giving.
  • Our September meeting welcomed our auditors from PMB. They completed our audit about a month prior and reviewed the necessary items. The Board voted and approved the Fiscal Year 2019 Audit. 
  • At our third meeting held in October, we held a very successful off-campus retreat with the Board and senior leadership. This retreat involved lots of forward-thinking and strategic aspirations for the future of Headwaters School.
  • The Board committees have been working hard between meetings and reporting at each full Board meeting. Click here to read more about their work:
    • Facilities: Aaron Levy, Madhu Phillips, and Heather Vickers continue to lead the way with thoughtful analysis of our current facilities and recommendations for the future. This includes the recent rental acquisition of the entirety of 804 Rio Grande for the River campus, future site plans on Creek, and thoughtful review of the Springs Campus. 
    • Head Support and Evaluation: Chair Julia Cuba Lewis, along with members Melanie Meador, Jim Rudden, and Heather Vickers, have worked closely with Ted Graf on SMART goal-setting for measurable results. 
    • Wellness and Safety: Chair Allene Evans and members Jerry Aubin, Julia Cuba Lewis, and Will Moncrieff continue to work with our security consultant as the Board maintains our approach to enterprise risk management. Over the summer and fall, the campuses have had many updates for a safer school. 
    • Marketing and Enrollment: Chair Jim Rudden, Cheline Jaidar, and Taina Palombo-Price continue to share their knowledge in marketing to showcase our school’s greatest assets to drive enrollment. This has included work with local schools and some changes to how we do open houses. This committee has also been working closely with Amy Nylund and division directors to develop value propositions for each program.
    • Finance: Chair and Board Treasurer Jessica Rio, Jerry Aubin, and Heather Vickers have been working closely with Alex Penry and Ted Graf as they secure the financial health of the school in budgets, tuition-setting, fundraising, and beyond. 
  • Like many community groups, the Board participated in the work and preparation of the ISAS Self Study and will be part of the visit in late January. This follows the AIM survey work that continued the Board’s reflective and internal look at its role in the overall health of the school. 
  • With the guidance and help of Trustee Adam Battani, the Board recently updated and approved a Conflict of Interest policy that applies to all Trustees and administrators. This was approved unanimously at our most recent Board meeting.
  • The Board has also worked closely with the school in negotiating the lease for 804 Rio Grande.
  • During second semester, we’ll continue working closely with Ted and team on facilities enhancements and facilities planning and further identity work, in addition to our upcoming support of the school during the visit from ISAS.

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