Senior Colloquium Presentations 2020

Starting last year, the Senior Colloquium quickly became a favorite event for seniors and their families to celebrate their extended essay work. These presentations resemble a senior thesis in college, including an extended timeline that starts junior year. The topics are student driven and chosen. This work is what students want to learn about.
This year, students recorded their presentations. We encourage you to check out these presentations from the Class of 2020!

How Privilege in the United States Affects Empathy and Reinforces Class Divides
By Sasha Ashton
The Influence of Kanye West
By Van Baronofsky
Regenerative Agriculture: An Exploration of Viable Steps Against Climate Change
By Miles Bilbe
The House of Worth and French Fashion
By Emma Brinkman
Gender Roles and Stereotypes in the Sitcom Friends
By Simon Calderon
The Ethics and Effectiveness of Economic Sanctions
By Kate Canning
Money in the Environment
By Theilyn Colindres
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The Perception of People Towards Next-Generation Air Transportation and Unmanned Systems
By Will Cottrell
Race, Gender, and Sexuality in JRPGs
By Ewan Cox
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Criminalization of Abortion and the Effect on Women’s Health
By Taylor Crownover
How Carbon Nanoparticles Can Unzip Your Genes
By Lexi Destefano
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The Psychology Behind Astrology
By Cat Gatti
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The Effect of Soviet Policy on Music Composition
By David Graf
Cooperation Between Italy and the Soviet Union Pre-WWII
By Theo Heddleston
Depression and the Bangladeshi Garment Industry
By Jack Hokenyos
Captain America Through the Years
By Hu Yuefan
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The Effect of European Imperialism on Fútbol
By Ben Johnson
The Correlation Between Empathy and Social Fluence
By Samantha Lambrecht-Stein
Sex Ed and Socioeconomic Inequality
By Skye Levine
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How the U.S Military Uses Video Games
By Caleb Levit
The Relevance of Self Concept theory in Autism Spectrum Disorder
By Lizzie Lewis
Indigenous Language and Historical Oppression on Chicano Identity
By Liliana Martinez
Verisimilitude in Maggie Stiefvater’s "The Raven Boys"
By Fiona Parkes
The Natural Human
By Lauren Plowman
Art, Artists, and Mood Disorders
By Andrew Redman
How Did the Construction of Brasilia Reveal a Change in Brazilian Identity?
By Borja Sanchez de Prado
Climate Change and Electric Vehicles
By Luke Spence
Psychology in Business
By Haolin Tao
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Socio-Economic Effects of Modern Oil Industry 
By William Tatum
The Concept of Afterlife
By Thinh Tram
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Steaming Services and Their Interactions with Artists
By Jonah Trudeau
Plan Bee
By Cade Vanek
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The Sexual Identity of American Women
By Ivy Wenderski
The Relationship Between Neoliberalism and the 1980s Hardcore Punk Movement
By Max Womack


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