Optional Masking Outdoors Effective 2/16/22

Ted Graf, Head of School
Updated 2/16/22:
We also want to clarify some pre-existing policies in place for people who are deemed as close contacts. In some cases, there will be requirements or recommendations to mask:
  • For Test-and-Stay: Unvaccinated students doing Test-and-Stay must do the following:
    • wear a well-fitted, medical grade (KN94/KN95) masks to be worn for 10 days from exposure. If you need a mask from school, please ask.
    • 3-6 ft of physical distance kept from others while at school during this period, especially during mask breaks, snacks, and meals
  • For those in quarantine: If a person is able to return to school after a 5-day quarantine period, at all times they are required to
    • wear a KN95 or better, must be 3 or more layers and well-fitting high-filtration mask; AND 
    • Students: 3 ft minimum distance from others while indoors and masked; and for employees: 6 ft minimum distance from others while indoors and masked; AND 
    • 6 ft minimum distance for unmasked breaks, lunches, snacks, etc. that take place outdoors.
  • For vaccinated people: Headwaters School recommends strict mask wearing around others for 10 days and testing on day 5 after exposure.
  • For people with documented case in last 90 days: No masking recommendations at this time.
Additionally, if you would like for your Primary or Elementary child to continue wearing a mask outdoors, please let your guides know so they can help. Please note, guides will do their best, but please also please talk to your child so they understand.

Dear Headwaters Community Members, 

We are thankful for the entire community's support as we navigated the most recent spike in COVID-19 cases. Thankfully, cases continue to drop in our community and the Greater Austin community hospitalizations continue to fall. 

With this recent data, Headwaters School has updated our protocols to allow for optional masking outdoors starting tomorrow Wednesday, February 16, 2022. Mask wearing will continue to be required indoors. Please note, this policy change is for right now in our current circumstances. We will adapt as necessary. 

We will continue to keep families up-to-date with policies regarding COVID-19 for this school year through communications like this and in the Weekly Updates from your campus director. If you have questions, please reach out to your program director, or we welcome questions through our COVID-19 and Health-Related Questions Form.

Thank you, 

Ted Graf
Head of School

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