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When you learnteach. When you get, give.
Headwaters Middle School offers a profound opportunity for young people to be members of a community that fosters courageous self-expression and a deep love of learning.
We provide a supportive and constructive environment where students feel the freedom to explore their passions as well as have the experience of being well-guided on this road to independence. The middle school culture is one in which students' wellbeing is of the highest priority. 

At Headwaters, community plays an important role in the success of the individual. We know individuals can accomplish the extraordinary with the support of a community. We establish a different set of standards for acceptable behavior. These promises create a foundation for a community where students are safe to explore, learn, and grow together.
Located in downtown Austin at 807 Rio Grande Street, our River Campus is home to our Middle and High School programs. 

Each of our eight River Campus buildings is full of unique character, housing classrooms and administrative offices. The Middle and High School programs share the entire campus, though they have a staggered schedule. Middle School classes run from 8:20 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., and High School classes run from 9:40 a.m. to 4:15 p.m.

Our River Campus classes take advantage of our downtown location. We are close to UT Austin, the Austin Recreation Center, parks, museums, the Central Library, and so much more. We love to use the city as a classroom.
Earlier this year we hosted conversations for each of our programs that connected current parents with prospective parents. View these sessions at the following links:

Middle School Academics

We work hard in our middle school to create an environment that allows students to be curious, take risks, stretch their limits, and make mistakes. We believe that the job of our guides is not to simply impart knowledge, but to help students to make meaning from knowledge. Most of all, we believe that joy is a key component of learning, and we work to help students maintain that spark as they navigate these middle school years.

Middle School students study English, Social Studies, Science, Mathematics, language acquisition, wellness, study skills, physical education, and the Arts. Classes like Middle School Orientation help students develop study skills and organizational habits early as we encourage students to have a healthy school/life balance.

Learn more about our Middle School curriculum below.

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  • Advisory

    Foundational to our academic structure is our advisory curriculum. Much more than a home room, an advisory creates a daily support structure for academic and personal success.
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  • Classes at Headwaters

    Between classes there is the normal hustle and bustle of adolescent life, students laughing, gathering their materials and talking to their friends as they head to class.
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  • Inspiring Guides

    The Headwaters High School teaching staff is committed to both building relationships with their students and developing skills and knowledge through engaging experiences.
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  • PACTivity

    Every Middle School student will participate in a variety of movement-based courses designed to reinforce the school values of being Peacemakers, Advocates, Creators and Thinkers while also encouraging physical movement, social-emotional learning and executive functioning. 
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  • Student Leadership

    Student voice is a key aspect of culture at Headwaters School. As the PACT states, our students are invited to be Peacemakers, Advocates, Creators, and Thinkers--often expressed through student leadership.
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  • Project Week

    Every year, each Headwaters student invests in a personal project. Students pick their topics in January and develop their projects through early March.
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  • City as Classroom

    The River Campus is located in the heart of downtown Austin. Our vision for the River Campus is an upper school program that is deeply integrated with civic, tech, environmental, and service opportunities for our students beyond the walls of our schools.
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Education must not simply teach work––it must teach Life.

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As a 501(c)3 non-profit school, Headwaters School does not discriminate because of race, color, creed, national origin, religion, gender, age, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, or any other classes protected by federal, state, or local law in its admissions, financial aid, hiring, or board membership processes.