Student Life

Here are a few examples of what makes the student experience at Headwaters unique and rich!

The Forward

The Headwaters Forward is an annual retreat during which Headwaters staff and students from the Middle & High School spend a few days playing and bonding in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. This trip is one of the most memorable experiences of the entire school year, and we consider it to be an important part of the Headwaters curriculum.

Elementary Talent Show

This annual spring tradition on our Elementary campus is a time where children can share their talents with the community. Musical performances, magic tricks, hula hooping, joke telling, ballet, and more!


Pitso is a Sesotho word (a dialect from Southern Africa) meaning “meeting of the people.” At our Middle & High School campus, Pitsos are held weekly, and all students attend. During the Pitso, anything can be discussed. It is a time when students may share important events from their lives, or discuss the general well-being of the community. Performance Pitsos are some of the most memorable events of the year, where students and staff members share their talents with the group.


Each student in our Middle & High School is a member of an Advisory group with 12-15 other students, led by a faculty member. Foundational to our academic structure is our advisory curriculum. Much more than a homeroom, a Headwaters advisory creates a small-scale support structure for academic and personal success.  The advisor serves as a first point of communication between a child’s teachers and their parents.

Singing Songs Gatherings

Singing Songs gatherings are events that happen each semester on our Early Childhood & Elementary School campuses where parents and children from each program gather together to sing songs that the children have learned. In the fall semester, the theme is Halloween, and in the spring semester, the theme is Martin Luther King’s legacy.

Cultural Dinner

An annual spring tradition in the Upper Elementary (4th/5th grade) class where the students prepare a feast, plan and perform the entertainment, and host a celebration for their parents centered around a different continent. Last year’s Asian dinner featured a Bollywood dance; several mini-plays focused on Asian folk tales; and a feast featuring spring rolls, dumplings, tofu fried rice, egg drop soup, and bubble tea—all prepared by the students!

Project Week

This is an annual project that each Middle & High School student creates and completes, including a presentation to the community. Past projects have included community service, global travel experiences, filmmaking, food production, and more.

Heroes of the Past

Each fall, our Early and Upper Elementary students choose a hero from history to research, and this research culminates in a performance event where each child dresses up like his/her chosen hero and shares a brief performance with the Elementary School Community.

Gates of Life

“An ending is but another beginning. Rejoice all ye who pass through these gates…” At the end of each school year, we have a Gates of Life ceremony for all students in our Early Childhood & Elementary School programs who are moving on to a new class the following year.

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