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How to Export Your Calendar

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  • How to Export Your Calendar Webcal Feed

    If you use Google Calendar, iCal or Outlook, we also highly recommend exporting a webcal feed of this calendar for your student (or one for each student) to be able to quickly view your daily schedule and any basic details from that calendar event. 

    Users can export their Calendars and add them to Google Calendar or iCal, events for the past 2 months and the upcoming 12 months will be included in the feed. Feeds are available for the entire Calendar section plus options for exporting individual calendars within a section.

    Users can export a calendar from the external Calendar or get a personalized calendar by logging into the Nest (can include your child's schedule, assignment due dates, and more). See how to export your Nest calendars by visiting this link or check out these  instructional videos:

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  • About Duplicate Events

    Sometimes events may appear multiple times on a calendar view, such as if the user and one of their children are both affected by the event.

    If an event exists on both user’s ‘My’ calendar and school-wide calendar, the event will only show a single time with the color of the first calendar that appears on the list of calendars.
    Similarly, if an event appears on more than one school-wide calendar, it will appear for a user only a single time with the color of the first calendar in the list. As calendars are selected and deselected, the color of the event may change to match the specific calendar.

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