Headwaters Skirt Day

Join us in wearing a skirt on April 16. Meet in front of Building 1 at 11:45 a.m. for a photo.
Here's some background from River Guide, David Heroy:

"When Caitlin Rodriguez was in 8th grade, she did a Project Week designing a clothing line for men. The only catch was all the pieces were skirts. I saw her present her work as I was a faculty proctor during Project Week Fair. I barely knew her, but was so impressed at her presentation and we got to talking. She said she loves skirts. She said skirts are beautiful. Why don't men wear skirts? She made me realize the long history and serious hang-ups our society has around skirts. She said, "We should just have a day where everyone wears skirts." and I said, "Skirt Day!"

Thus Skirt Day was born. Maybe it's about bashing binary gender norms. Maybe it's about representing the under-represented. Maybe it's about stepping outside of your own comfort zone. Maybe it's about solidarity, or walking in someone else's shoes, or practice what you preach, or keeping Austin weird. Maybe it's about having your legs look nice in early spring. Or maybe, like Caitlin, you just like skirts. Period. There are so many reasons why wearing a skirt on Skirt Day makes total sense." 

Please wear a skirt on April 16. And meet in front of Building 1 at 11:45 for a photo.

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