Middle School Halloween Costume Contest

River Campus (Middle & High School) 801 Rio Grande, 78701
We invite students to dress up on Friday, October 29 as we celebrate both Halloween and the founding of our school. Middle School students will have a Costume Contest during lunch starting at 11:35 a.m. We will have prizes for the top costumes provided by the PVC. This year, parents are not invited to attend to help with physical distancing.
Costumes are allowed all day as long as they don't interrupt learning for you or other students. Costumes can also just be worn for lunch at the Costume Contest.

This year, we are asking that parents do not attend as we try to keep distancing

We ask those who decide to wear costumes to consider the following questions posed by Yale University in 2015: 
  • Wearing a funny costume? Is the humor based on “making fun” of real people, human traits or cultures?
  • Wearing a historical costume? If this costume is meant to be historical, does it further misinformation or historical and cultural inaccuracies?
  • Wearing a ‘cultural’ costume? Does this costume reduce cultural differences to jokes or stereotypes?
  • Wearing a ‘religious’ costume? Does this costume mock or belittle someone’s deeply held faith tradition?
Check out this TEDxYouth talk from Aaliyah Jihad called "Cultural Appropriation: Why Your Pocahontas Costume Isn't Okay."

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