High School

High School Fine Arts

The purpose of the Arts programs at Headwaters is to provide opportunities for our students to develop skills in creative problem solving; to practice a craft with dedication; and to express thoughts, ideas, and feelings about the world. In the High School we offer year-long and semester-long classes so that students can try a variety of modalities.

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  • Film

    In our High School Film Program, students learn building on their knowledge of visual storytelling and cinematography, and study an array of non-sync genres: silent shorts, experimental/studio art pieces, music videos, and non-sync narratives.
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  • Studio Art

    The purpose of the studio art course at Headwaters is to introduce students to the languages, concepts, and practices of art through visual and art historical perspectives. Students will be engaged in discussion about the elements of art, such as content, composition, style, method and materials. Students will also be introduced to a range of visual art practices, including drawing and painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography, conceptual and installation art, video art, earthworks, and performance art, as well as craft and graphic design.
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  • Photography

    The Headwaters Photography program allows for growth and exploration throughout their high school career. Starting with intro classes, students learn the basics and have hands-on learning and weekly outings around Austin. Then students have the opportunity to move into IB Photography where year on focuses on art-making exploration and rounds out in year two with development and completion of a single body of work.
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  • Jazz Band

    Designed for students with at least one year of experience playing an instrument, Jazz Band introduces students to improvisation and the jazz style. Students will learn the basics of improvisation, composition, and jazz theory, while learning to work creatively with a group of other students. 
  • Theatre Production

    The High School Theatre Production allows students to participate in all aspects of a production, including acting, back-stage support, tech, and production. This after-school group meets twice a week leading up to the show in the late spring. All experience levels are welcome to audition; there are parts for everyone.

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