Headwaters Middle and High School Photography program allows for students to actively explore and grow in this medium throughout their school career.
In the Middle School, our introductory course will explore the parts and whole of image composition, identifying how the elements of art and principles of design combine to create meaning in an artwork. Students will create diverse images from both specific tasks and open-ended prompts, learning how to select their best images for editing and manipulation, and how to title and print their work to best encapsulate their ideas. Students will explore the impact of visual culture, both through walks in the city and throughout history, discuss the purpose of art through class discussions, and start to develop their personal aesthetic. By participating in peer review and positive critique, and seeing their work displayed, students will gain confidence in the ability to appreciate and speak about their work and that of others, using the specific art vocabulary learned through focused explorations.

In High School, students will explore the impact of visual culture and art in context, both through walks in the city and throughout history, and discuss the purpose of specific artworks and movements, developing their intent and personal aesthetic through immersion and experimentation. While this course uses the camera as the tool of choice, students will create diverse images, and even 3D works, using a variety of printmaking techniques, as well as beginning digital editing and manipulation. With a pro-printer, students will learn to make editing choices, printing on select art papers and preparing the art for display on campus, and have the opportunity to enter prestigious competitions. Students will build their portfolio throughout the year, noticing patterns in their best work and refining their statements to reflect their personal interests.

During their IBDP candidacy in the junior and senior years, this understanding of what art can mean and what each student wants to express will translate into developing a focused comparative study of artworks, and a visual chronicle of their experimentation as they build towards a curated body of work, from concept to the Exhibition, the culmination of two years of work and a moment of celebration for the artists and families.

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