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About Our Middle School

Headwaters Middle School offers a profound opportunity for young people to be members of a community that fosters courageous self-expression and a deep love of learning. We provide a supportive and constructive environment where students feel the freedom to explore their passions as well as have the experience of being well-guided on this road to independence. The middle school culture is one in which students' wellbeing is of the highest priority. 

At Headwaters, community plays an important role in the success of the individual. We know individuals can accomplish the extraordinary with the support of a community. We establish a different set of standards for acceptable behavior. Headwaters students promise to do their best, to honor the school's Purpose, Promise, and Pact, to not gossip, to not illegally use drugs or alcohol, and to honor their promises as well as the promises of their peers. These promises create a foundation for a community where students are safe to explore, learn, and grow together.

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  • In Partnership with Parents

    Advisors serve as the second point of contact for the students’ parents. Our advisors establish a partnership with the parent to support the students’ overall well-being. Middle School is a time of transition and exploration of the self. Students are often in the throes of redefining themselves, sometimes on a weekly basis. Advisory is a course that focuses on positive character development and long-range thinking. We truly believe our students’ success in life will be a function of their ability to produce extraordinary results while maintaining healthy and sustainable lifestyles.
  • Inspiring Guides

    The Headwaters Middle School teaching staff is committed to both building relationships with their students, and powerfully imparting their course-specific content. Our guides truly care about the whole child and take time to support content learning in addition to wellbeing. The strong sense of community that is created in the classrooms and all over campus is fostered by the supportive relationships that our guides form with their students.Our guides, who the students call by their first names, focus on scaffolding the learning process to help students prepare for a lifetime of learning. Students learn content as well as methods for learning the content.
  • Student Leadership

    Community Leaders
    The Community Leader (CLs) program is intended to empower dedicated students to develop their skills as leaders within the community. Community Leaders are chosen by their peers and teachers through an application and a vote. They are bestowed with the responsibility to continually move Headwaters School in the direction of a student-run community. They work closely with the Head of Middle School in improving all aspects of the school.

    Community Leaders are held to high levels of accountability within the community. They serve as role models for students and represent the school to the larger community. As such, they make the following explicit agreements upon entering the program:
    • to maintain a GPA of 3.00 or higher
    • to attend weekly Community Leader meetings
    • to maintain an impeccable behavioral record
    Admissions Council
    Admissions Council is comprised of at least one staff member and up to ten students. Admissions Council enrolls students based on consensus. Students review the prospective student’s application, essay, and interviews to determine if Headwaters School is the right fit for the student. Admissions Council meetings are held once per week.
    Pitso is a Sesotho word (a dialect from Southern Africa), meaning meeting of the people. Traditionally, it was an opportunity for all of the people to gather and voice their opinions. At Headwaters, Pitsos are held weekly. Aand serve as a time to gather the Middle School for a specific topic of interest, such as performances, storytelling, poetry, and peer acknowledgements. Students work with administrators to partner in planning and facilitating Pitso, too. All students are required to attend Pitsos.

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