Guide Feature: Alli Breznicky

Alli Breznicky is the Lead Primary Guide in the Bluebirds Community on the Springs
Alli is wife, dog mom, and Montessorian here in South Austin, and is originally from just outside of Baltimore, Maryland. While she misses the east coast upbringing and her family (as well as the seafood and "real" autumn...can't deny that awesomeness) she had been anxiously awaiting the moment when she could boldly state that she is a local Austinite! She absolutely loves the Austin community and she is still grateful to have moved here for her original and longstanding love of its live music, vibes, and way of life!

Alli found her way to Montessori Education seven years ago and hasn't looked back. Early Childhood has been her dream since her sisters twin sisters were born in 2002 and she felt that calling to learn more about their growth and development. She started her work in daycare settings, received her Bachelor's in Early Childhood Education, a Master's in Education, and an AMI Montessori Certification. She has worked in public traditional schools, private for-profit Montessori School, Public Montessori, and is excited to now be a part of the Headwaters Community.

While she feels that her credentials and training are important, it cannot elucidate her love for living and working alongside children and the professionals devoted to them. She believes that her enthusiasm for this work and devotion to creating child-centered environments crystallizes every aspect of her preparations. She finds it invigorating to watch children explore and teach themselves believing that it is the guide's responsibility, as well as privilege, to create and maintain an environment and community where all young individuals will succeed through every single area of development. Alli considers herself to be a highly dedicated and enthusiastic individual with a genuine love for working with children.

What Brought Alli to Headwaters:
"I crave a strong sense of community and was interested in relocating to a school with such an enthusiasm for guiding "students to live authentically, think expansively, and create bravely." Nothing speaks to me more than this articulation of such ideas as they have remained a constant in her personal teaching philosophy. I feel that a vision such as this is at the center of all educational growth and it is something I am devoted to, as their place in academics will never be done. I am drawn to and steadfast about having these incredibly humanizing aspects such as empathy, identity, and diversity at the core of all learning as the scaffold for education, and wants to part of a place where this is promoted as paramount with confidence." Alli considers this a non-negotiable.  She can imagine nothing more important in teaching respect than showing a child from the start that we respect who they are, how they learn, and what they need, so we will prepare and present that however is necessary. This is why she is all about Maria Montessori's theories regarding the prepared environment for children and freedom within limits, as supporting independence for children is always on the mind! She guarantees that you most likely know this already about her. Alli is thrilled to have found a method of education that supports the same understanding!

Fun Facts about Alli
  1. My husband and I have recently added ordering blue crabs from Maryland overnight in the mail (steamed and seasoned to perfection) to our budget. It is not cheap!
  2. I am pretty much head over heels for rock and roll and and seriously jam to something everyday.
  3. I have a need to thrift.
  4. I wanted to be an astronaut for most of my childhood but decided that I would rather help shape the world from the inside rather than the outside, among other reasons! Out of this world right!? See what I did there?

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