Senior Legacy, Class of 2020

Headwaters School
Daily Class of 2020 features are being shared to celebrate Headwaters Class of 2020. These features also include each students' Headwaters Legacy, a statement that they want to leave behind for their peers and the future. Check out out social media every day for a new post as we lead up to Commencement on Friday, May 29.
Sasha Ashton
  • “Always stand up for what’s right, even when it’s hard. Be committed to justice and equity above all.”

Van Baronofsky
  • “Don't be unsure about yourself and always try to seek a better understanding of who you are and what you like to do. At the same time don't put too much pressure on yourself and have fun.”

Miles Bilbe
  • “Remember that everything is a balance. Whether it’s school and social life or any other aspects of your life, it is important not to let one thing control your other interests or responsibilities.”

Emma Brinkman
  • “I want to be remembered as a hardworking student who was kind. Furthermore, the advice I would give is to become your own best friend, be yourself, and don’t try so hard to prove that you’re right.”

Simón Calderón
  • “The reality is, you have to work hard. Friendships and family are what matter most. It is important to get to know yourself and identify the type of impact you want to have in this world.” 

Kate Canning
  • “We are so privileged to be a part of this school, but don’t feel like you need to confine yourself to it. You can do extraordinary things beyond this school while still being a part of its community.”

Theilyn Colindres-Orellana
  • “Help is not for the weak, nor does it mean you are a bother. Ask for help when needed. Do not wait for the ‘appropriate time.’ That time is now, in this moment.”

William Cottrell
  • “My nickname at school is ‘Airplane’ and every time I hear it, many good memories surround me. Take time to create good memories with those that surround you. Until we meet again, Airplane out!”

Ewan Cox
  • “I have learned the value of being in the world, even when it feels impossible. I have discovered my own strength. These will not be the best years of my life. Take the time to learn what is valuable to you.“

Taylor Crownover
  • “In the words of Vladimir Nabokov, ‘Don’t stop to think, don’t interrupt the scream. Exhale. Release life’s rapture. Everything is blooming. Everything is flying. Laughter, Running, Let-down hair. That is all there is to life.’” 

Alexis DeStefano
  • “School becomes a lot more enjoyable when you genuinely care. Make use of the freedom you are given in classes and find ways to be curious, stay engaged, and be motivated.”

Catherine Gatti
  • “Take time to notice the gifts and beauty of the people around you. Remember me by my thoughtful poetic words, original songs, and my seat under the stairs in Building 4.”

David Graf
  • “Go chase your musical ambitions! Weird stuff is cool. Go look at the Live Oak in between buildings one and two everyday and take a moment to appreciate how beautiful and amazing our campus and planet are.”

Theo Heddlesten
  • “Never let anyone tell you who you are or what you deserve. Hold everyone accountable, or they will take advantage of you or someone you love. No one is infallible.“

Jack Hockenyos
  • “My number one piece of advice is to develop a relationship with your teachers by reaching out if you need help in any manner--they are more than happy to provide you with support.”

Hu Yuefan
  • “Headwaters has the best native speaking Mandarin TA’s in the world. You won’t regret taking the challenge to learn this interesting and useful language! Try hot pot and talk to our international students, you'll like them both!”

Benjamín Johnson Acha
  • “Learn more about the cultures of those around you. I am proud to have mixed my LatinX culture with the life and growth of being a student at Headwaters. Be balanced in both the sport you play and your academics.”
Samantha Lambrecht-Stein
  • “Remember that no matter where you are in life, change is always an option, no matter how hard it may be.”

Skye Levine
  • “Say yes to the opportunities you’re given to branch out, find what you love, and explore your passions. The resources this school gives us to do so are special; use them to grow.” 

Caleb Levit
  • “See the strengths in those around you and remember them for it. My kindness is how I choose to treat others, as everyone deserves kindness. My work ethic is admirable, as I try my best at all things.”
Elizabeth Lewis
  • “Empathize with people and take time to experience their truth. I’d like to thank everyone who shared their truth with me or took the time to listen to mine. You are loved by me forever.” 

Liliana Martinez
  • “Recognize your limitations without settling for mediocrity. Distinguish your achievements from your value while surrounding yourself with people worth your respect. The words you choose are powerful.”

Fiona Parkes
  • “This school that we have the privilege to be a part of is not perfect just as we are not perfect. We all are able to and continue to grow into better versions. Ask for help; accept it when it’s offered.”
Lauren Plowman
  • “Recognize those who foster quiet resilience and a love of life. Remember me for my kindness, positivity, and hopeful spirit.”

Andrew Redman
  • “Follow your emotions. Spend your time with people and take actions not to which you are obligated, but that bring you joy. Following your delights, and they will take you to places you’ve never imagined.” 

Borja Sánchez de Prado
  • “Estamos condenados a matar el tiempo: así morimos, poco a poco.” 
- Octavio Paz

Luke Spence 
  • “One of the most important things in life is to strike a balance. Although school is important it can't always take precedence over every other aspect of life. We must also love, learn, and play.”

Tao Haolin
  • “Embrace the community around you. I have met so many interesting and friendly classmates and teachers. Their support and encouragement has made me better.”

William Tatum
  • “Let your time at Headwaters change you into a better person, as it has done for me. The lessons we learn will help guide us to create better communities around us.”

Thinh Tran 
  • “Stay prepared and be ready to give your one hundred percent effort. Make the most of your day by always arriving on time.”
Jonah Trudeau
  • “Time is the most valuable thing I have. Use your time wisely. High school goes fast, so try to find who you love and what you love so you can spend the most time doing that and least time on things that do not interest you.” 

Cade Vanek
  • “Don't try too hard or too little. If you go at your own pace and stay determined, things will work out in the end.”

Ivy Wenderski
  • “Learn as much as you can from high school, and build meaningful relationships with your peers and teachers. I didn’t see my time as something to get through, but something to experience in full.”

Max Womack
  • “Think of how you’d like to be remembered. I’d like to be remembered by my work in film, my musical performances, and my hopefully memorable storytelling pitso of senior year.”

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