Magnus Health App Follow Up

Amy Nylund & Cait Taylor
Dear Headwaters Community, 

Thanks to all who used our newest feature before heading to campus--the Magnus App for COVID-19 Assessment. 
How to Update Your Credentials & Download the Magnus App
You will need to login to Magnus through the Nest first in order to create a  new username and password. Then, you can login to the app. Here are those steps below:

FIRST: How to create your app login credentials:
  1. Log into Magnus through Nest. Go to Resources and click the Magnus Health tile (this method uses single sign-on or SSO). 
  2. Hover over your name within Magnus (top left of screen).
  3. Choose "Change Credentials."
  4. Create a Username & Password that only you know and will remember. This username/password combination will be used as your Magnus Mobile app login only. Magnus requires 1-uppercase, 1-lower case, 1-number and 1-special character. 

SECOND: How to download and login to the app: 
  1. Download the free "Magnus Mobile V2" app from the Apple Store or the Google Play store.
  2. The daily screening assessment is accessible ONLY on the app.
  3. Your current username/password combination can be used to log in to the mobile app.
  4. If you have more than one student, you will need to do a screening for each student every morning, but will need only one login/password.

Login Issues?
If you are still unable to login to Magnus, here are a few tips and tricks from Magnus at this link. However, if that doesn't solve it, contact support with Magnus as they have a dedicated team to help with users. Click here for that information or see the bottom of this article.

Using the Magnus App Daily
The Magnus Mobile app will allow parents to complete their child's symptom screening from a smartphone in just a few clicks. At the completion of the quick survey each morning, you will receive a message on the screen with the student's attendance instruction for that day. Here are a few tips for ease:
  • Login Each Morning: Magnus requires a login each time you use the app since it contains sensitive information about your child. In order to make logging in smoother, we recommend utilizing your mobile device's saved username and passwords through a keychain for password management. You can manually set a password with the following:
    For the website name:
    Username: the one you set
    Password: the one you set
  • Watch this video to see how this process will look for you as a parent. 
  • Take a screenshot of the GO screen to show at drop-off. 
On Site Screenings Still Available
Don't worry, we will be there on campus to do a screening for you if you need it. Just let us know when you pull up at drop-off. 

Need Further Tech Support?
One reason we went with Magnus is for their direct tech support to help parents. If the above solutions did not work and you need more support, please reach out directly to Magnus through any of these methods:

- Visit
- Call 1-877-461-6831
- Email
- 'Live Chat with the "Need Help" button when logged into your Magnus account from desktop

Thank you as we continue to work out the kinks of this system. We appreciate your feedback and questions. 

Amy and Cait

Amy Nylund
Senior Director, Community & Enrollment
Cait Taylor
Director of Communications

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