Magnus App Update is Here!

Amy Nylund and Cait Taylor
Dear Parents, 
We are grateful for the patience and adaptability our parents have shown as we all work to adopt Magnus and our new symptom-screening system. Magnus has just completed an app update that we are excited to pass along. Some people have seen these updates already without needing to reinstall. If so, there are no further actions at this time. You may disregard this email.

Action Item: Delete and Reinstall Your App

To take advantage of these new features, delete the old version of the app and re-install the new release. Please be assured that the current version will continue to work even if the update is not installed. However, we do recommend keeping the app updated to receive the latest performance and user experience improvements.

Vital App Updates

Magnus has heard parent and school concerns and continues to make improvements based on feedback. Their release includes vital updates, including:  
  1. Biometric (Face ID/Touch ID) capabilities to facilitate a more streamlined login process. Touch ID and Face ID will be available for both Android and iPhones. Click here for instructions to enable Biometrics (Face ID / Touch ID) on Apple or Android devices with authentication enabled.
    • For users who do NOT have devices with biometrics enabled, you can still use the OS password keepers. Click here for Android and iPhone instructions. (If you have previously added the Magnus app to the keychain for Apple iOS or Autofill Service for Androids, you will not need to do it again.)
  2. Push notifications to remind parents when they have an assessment to complete.
  3. New and Improved Stop/Go message. Magnus has added a View button for completed assessments to easily recall the Stop/Go screen and streamline the school entry process. And it’s MUCH larger on your screen, making it easier on screeners to keep social distance. 

If you need some additional help with the app, here are some resources:

Magnus Customer Service Additions

In addition, Magnus Customer Support teams have added staff and extended their hours from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday for parent and student support. These efforts plan to reduce wait times to less than 7 minutes. We are glad to hear that because one reason we went with Magnus is for their direct tech support to help parents. If you need more support, please reach out directly to Magnus through any of these methods:

On-Site Screenings Still Available

Tech solutions not helping yet? Don't worry, we will be there on campus to do a screening for you if you need it. Just let us know when you pull up at drop-off. 

Thank you again for your patience! 

Amy and Cait
Amy Nylund
Senior Director, Community & Enrollment
Cait Taylor
Director of Communications

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