Looking back at 2020 and looking forward for Headwaters

Jerry Aubin, Board of Trustees Chair
Dear Headwaters Parents, Faculty, Staff, and Students --

As we enter the winter months and face what we all hope will be the last surge of COVID-19, I am writing on behalf of the Headwaters Board of Trustees to express appreciation for your support, suggestions, and patience as Ted and his leadership team, along with all of the faculty and staff, have navigated countless, complex, and often paradoxical challenges over the past eight months. To be a parent during this time has been far more complex and taxing than any of us could have imagined last March. In addition to providing for your families, you are juggling professional responsibilities, caring for extended family, and working with your child while they learn from home. We know this has been a very challenging time, and we have been inspired by your engagement and support.

While each campus has required a different approach to teaching and learning due to the virus, we have grounded all of our decisions in the school’s foundational elements—its Purpose, Promise, and PACT. We also remain committed to following evidence-based science wherever available; to learning from the experience and knowledge of other schools in Austin, as well as across the country; and to honoring our responsibility for the overall health of Headwaters as an institution.

Since last March, Ted and his team have sought out ways to mitigate risk, while simultaneously working to get as many children back on campus as possible for their best learning experience. With deep gratitude, we have seen the guides and staff find ways to keep educating our students in and out of the classroom under incredibly difficult circumstances. The team has quickly evolved plans over these many months as the world’s understanding of this novel virus has shifted, and we’re grateful to the Health Advisory Group and Headwaters Today committees for their extensive work in support of our planning. We’re also grateful to the Faculty-Staff Community Leaders who have been meeting frequently to hear proposals, generate ideas, offer feedback, and air concerns. 

We know these next few months will be challenging as the city of Austin navigates increasing caseloads while simultaneously preparing for widespread vaccine availability. We have the utmost confidence that Ted and his team, along with our entire staff and faculty, will work tirelessly to deliver the best possible experience for our students. While we look forward to a strong second semester and a 2021-2022 school year on the horizon that will hopefully see our world return to something much closer to normal, we will continue to work steadfastly in support of the school and the needs of our community. Thank you in advance for each of your personal contributions toward those efforts.


Jerry Aubin
Board Chair

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