Virtual MS/HS Photography Gallery, 20-21

Headwaters School
Photography Guide Laura Gordon invites you to experience a year in photography at the River Campus.
In this gallery, you will be able to experience photos from the entire year throughout each of the periods. 
  • 2nd Period: This is the IB Visual Art II classes featuring work from the IB seniors. The students also give their Curatorial Rationale and explain each of the photos in this section. This course is the cumulation of what students started in IB Visual Art I. Students work to refine and complete the Process Portfolio and Comparative Study, along with explore curatorial practice in relation to individual personal work for the Exhibition.
  • 3rd Period: Features photos from the juniors in the IB Visual Art I class. The foundation of this course’s curriculum are the Comparative Study, Process Portfolio, and Exhibition. They also begin developing a personal body of work, along with continuing an exploration of a breadth of photographic topics, techniques, and processes.
  • 5th & 6th Periods: Features photos from the Photography students in either 9th or 10th grades. In this class, student explore the fundamentals of photography and what is needed in order to make a strong photograph
  • 7th Period(s): Features work from our 6-8 grade Middle School students who participate in semester-long electives. These classes begin learning the basics of photography such as the elements and principles of design, composition, and different styles of photography.

View the gallery at this link. 


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