Returning Families: Review & Finalize Registration Forms for 21-22

Headwaters School
Please complete all registration items by August 1.
It is time to complete your student’s annual registration forms, including health and medical information, for the upcoming school year. Starting next Tuesday 6/29, you will receive an automated reminder email from Magnus Health notifying you that you must take action to complete your registration items for the coming school year. This email will list any incomplete requirements or any existing requirements that will expire and needs to be updated. Emails are sent on a weekly basis and if you have an incomplete or soon-to-expire existing requirement, you will receive reminder emails until all items are complete. Please complete all registration items by August 1.

Only one parent/guardian is required to complete the forms for their child. 

To Do

Simply login to Magnus and you will find items marked with a “To Do” flag if you need to take action:
  1. Information saved from last year will be displayed:
    • Vital Health Record – You will need to review each section to update where necessary and save. Your information entered last year will be visible. If no changes are needed, or after changes are made, you must save each section to complete the requirement and submit for approval.
  2. New Optional Immunization Tracker for COVID-19 Vaccine:
    • We have added an optional tracker for the COVID-19 vaccine if your child is eligible and received the vaccine. You will be able to upload your child’s vaccination record card to complete this step. Again this is optional and the COVID-19 vaccine is not currently required at Headwaters School, though we do recommend it for anyone who is eligible. 
  3. Digital Authorization of Forms (if applicable):
    • Some requirements only need to be reauthorized for the upcoming school year. Magnus Health allows you to digitally sign the form online if no changes are needed. You will be prompted to reauthorize these forms by clicking “yes.” 
  4. Information that must be renewed every year:
    • Annual Medical Forms – Some forms (allergy action plans, medications, etc) may need to be revised by a doctor annually. Once complete, just submit the forms back to Magnus Health. Note - You only submit the Physician’s form once (the year of first enrollment).
  • Action Plans – We know that there are many students that do not need prescription medication or suffer from asthma, food allergies, diabetes, or seizure disorders. Please make sure to answer “No” to those requirements. Again…good news, no printing!
  1. Forms to Come:
    • Electronically Signed Documents – You will need to sign these documents each year. Good news…no printing! This will be used for Family Handbook signatures later in August and won’t be available until that time.  


  • If you did not use the app last year but wish to use it this year, you MUST login on a desktop/laptop computer through the Nest FIRST to change your credentials in the Magnus and create a username and password for the app.

  • If you forgot your app username and/or password, go to the app and click “Having trouble logging in” to help you for in app support resetting your credentials using the email address you use to login to the Nest. 
  • If you use the app, you can save your username and password credentials to your keychain (and even biometric authentication) to make logging in easy. Please note, this app requires a sign-in each time you open due to sensitive information.

To Access your Magnus Health Account via the Nest
Access your Magnus Health SMR account through The Nest with single sign-on ( you do not need a separate username or password to access in this way). 

You will access your account via the Resources section to the tile titled “Magnus Health Portal.” The image on the left is what you will see at the top of your Resources board.

Using the Personal Health Record (PHR) Mobile App: “Magnus Mobile V2”
The robust Magnus PHR mobile app for iOS and Android allows parents to submit their student forms right from any ‘smart’ device! No more scanning, no more faxing, and no more mailing health records. This new app allows parent users to simply take a photo of health forms with any smartphone or tablet, and to upload them directly into their Magnus account. Learn more on how to download the app and login with this FAQ

Getting Started Video Tutorial of Magnus
Click here to check out this short video for a view at the Magnus portal to see how to complete your checklist. 

Questions or Problems?

Still have questions? Check out this Magnus FAQ Parent Edition. If you are having difficulty navigating the Magnus system, entering data online, or downloading the hardcopy cover sheets and forms, or if you have any other questions, please contact customer support at Magnus Health SMR. Their normal business hours are 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST Monday-Friday.

Automated Reminders

Until forms are completed for your child, you will begin receiving automated emails from Magnus Health starting on Tuesday 6/29 until all forms are complete. Simply log on and complete the information required; it’s even easier the second year!


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