Ted Talks: Rejoice All Ye Who Pass Through These Gates, May/June 2021

Ted Graf, Head of School
After a year of separation and isolation due to COVID, it was delightful to gather for an array of celebrations and to honor our students from every level in many different ways.
As an extrovert, I was thrilled to see so many people again and to reconnect. And for those of us who tend to be more introverted, I know it was a lot. It will be important to remember those differences when we come back together in August. Whether it was Gates of Life Car Parades on Creek and Springs, 5th Grade in-person Gates of Life ceremonies, 8th Grade Graduation, and High School Commencement, we celebrated each special event with the Gates of Life; a ritual invented when we were still Primavera Montessori. So whether it was your first, last, or one of many end-of-year celebrations with us, we thank each and every one of you for rejoicing with us.
Below, you will find some brief excerpts from my remarks in May, along with some photos from our celebrations. 

“When I remember this school year five years from now, I hope I remember the kind and patient gestures during advisory, the tolerance of mask wearing and social distancing when we reopened campus, the first time I heard someone dribbling a basketball again, my many advisees with bed head, one of my advisees eating Mini-Wheats nearly every Friday, and the list goes on. I hope I never again have to say, “You’re muted.” I hope I never have to say again, “Please turn your camera on.” Please never allow yourselves to be muted. When you remember this school year, I hope you’ll remember the extraordinary efforts by your guides, the support of your parents and families, and the fact that we continued to care for each other—whether it was during Stage 5 or the interminable election results or the historic polar vortex and Sno-vid! I cannot imagine having navigated such a confusing and challenging year with a different group of students. You have been brave and clear and real, and somehow you have continued to grow and change. When we remember this year, let’s remember that we showed up for each other in ways that were generous and authentic.”

For those of you departing, we wish you the best and hope that you’ll continue to be Peacemakers, Advocates, Creators, and Thinkers, regardless of where you go. And know that you’re always welcome. For those of you staying, we’re excited to welcome you back as we restore so much we had to put on hold during the pandemic and as we celebrate the school’s 20th anniversary. And for those joining us, we cannot wait to see you in-person soon! Welcome!

8th Grade Graduation | May 27, 2021 | Springdale Station

High School Commencement | May 28, 2021 | Springdale Station

Springs Gates of Life Car Parade | May 29, 2021 | Springs Campus

Creek Gates of Life Car Parade | May 29, 2021 | Creek Campus


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