Screening Testing at the Springs and Creek Campuses

Learn more about our screening testing programs on the Springs and Creek Campuses.
9/29/21 Update: The State has updated guidelines for testing and provided vendors as of today. We are working to get a vendor and order tests as soon as possible. 

9/23/21 Update
: The State of Texas has changed their testing program and is no longer providing tests directly to schools, but rather allowing them to source testing through specific vendors. We have exhausted our previous allotment of tests and are currently awaiting more details regarding this new system. Once we have procured more tests, we will restart our screening testing. Learn more about our screening testing at this link

We are preparing to start screening (or surveillance) testing of students at the Springs and Creek Campuses using the Abbot BINAXNow Rapid Antigen tests provided by the State the week of September 13, 2021 and will do weekly testing, as long as tests are available. Learn more about the state program here but please note, there will be some changes with this program at the end of this month.

According to CDC guidance, “Screening testing identifies infected people, including those with or without symptoms (or before development of symptoms) who may be contagious, so that measures can be taken to prevent further transmission. In K-12 schools, screening testing can help promptly identify and isolate cases, quarantine those who may have been exposed to COVID-19 and are not fully vaccinated, and identify clusters to reduce the risk to in-person education. CDC guidance provides that people who are fully vaccinated do not need to participate in screening testing and do not need to quarantine if they do not have any symptoms.” As a reminder, Headwaters School has not mandated the COVID-19 vaccine for any community members at this time.

If you’d like to opt your child into this type testing, please fill out this permission slip and return it as soon as you’re able. We’ll also be sending the permission slips home with students, but you can also print it out at home and drop it off at morning arrival. A permission slip will be required before a test can be administered. Testing will take place throughout the day on Tuesdays and Creek and Thursdays at Springs. Results will be shared with parents via text. Please note, these tests are only available during this day of the week for students who are signed up.

What to Expect
We've heard from some parents that their children were wondering what to expect regarding the on-campus COVID-19 screening testing for students. 
  - We will be conducting testing class by class, for those who have opted in, on Tuesdays for Creek and Thursdays for Springs. Tests will be administered by Headwaters administrators and trained volunteers. Parents will not be present. We'll be testing for about two hours, and will test as many children during that time as we are able. 
- The school is using Abbott Labs' BinaxNow rapid antigen tests
- Your child can expect a shallow nasal swab, with the swab making five big circles, in each nostril. It's not the deep nasal swab (brain tickler), but inserted 1/2" to 3/4" in the nostril. If your child would like to see an example of what it looks like, that process runs from the 2:50-3:25 mark in this video. You can also practice at home with a q-tip, or with a similar test from Walgreens or CVS, if it helps alleviate your child’s worries. 
- Results will be sent to the phone number listed on the permission form. 

Please Note
These tests are only to be used for screening and will not be used on campus for symptomatic individuals who may become ill during the day. If your child or a staff member develops symptoms during the day, the goal is to get them home and under the care of a medical professional.

Unfortunately, at this time, these rapid tests are not available to parents and other community members on these campuses per TDEM rules. Because these student populations are not yet eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine, Headwaters is not currently requiring screening testing for students on the Springs and Creek campuses as it would require testing of the entire student population, which is logistically not possible at this time.


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