9/29/2021 Addendum Update : Test-and-Stay

Headwaters School
We have enacted a new policy called Test-and-Stay that has been added to the COVID-19 Addendum. Please see below.
Test-and-Stay allows students to stay in school as long as they are tested regularly and adhere to precautions, including wearing masks and physical distancing.

If a child is identified as a close contact and remains asymptomatic, they may take a rapid test daily before school each morning for seven (7) days instead of quarantining. This period will start the day after last exposure to the COVID-19 positive person. 

Here’s how it works:
  • Your family will be notified if your student has a close contact.
  • Notify your campus manager if you are opting to quarantine instead of Test-and-Stay.
  • Your student must be tested in the morning before drop-off for school.
  • Tests MUST include a date written on the test or in the image.
  • A picture of a negative test must be shown at drop-off each morning.
  • If a test comes back positive, the student will have to isolate for 10 days from the date of the positive test or first symptom.
  • If a student is experiencing ANY COVID-19 symptom, they cannot attend school. This includes allergy or cold-like symptoms. 
  • 10/7/21 UPDATE: The seven days of testing starts the day after exposure. 
  • 10/7/21 UDPATE: Testing is only required before coming to school. So, if part of your seven days falls on the weekend, you are not required to test or share results if you choose to test.
  • 10/7/21 UPDATE: This policy only affects the close contact, so siblings who are not close contacts may attend school as normal. 
Families may choose to utilize this Test-and-Stay protocol instead of the longer quarantine period.

10/7/21 Testing Supplies Update
At this time, families are responsible for providing their own rapid tests, though Headwaters is working on a grant to cover the cost of testing supplies in the near future. If purchasing these tests is a financial burden for your family, limited tests and/or financial assistance is available. Please reach out to accounting@headwaters.org for more information. 

Until we are able to secure an adequate amount of tests, we recommend families have some rapid tests on hand in the event your child is determined to be a close contact. We will be sure to inform families as soon as that happens. 

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