Masks: Proper Fit is the Key!

Headwaters School
We wanted to share some great resources for masking provided to us by parent and Health Advisory Group Member, Erin Moffitt. She is sharing an email from an epidemiologist, Dr. Jetelina in regards to mitigation measures against Delta. Namely, the importance of proper fit and wearing of masks as an important layer in mitigation. There are also two links to specific masks that are great for kids. We also have a section on Mask Policies starting on page 14 in the COVID-19 Addendum with tips on how to choose masks, how to and how not to wear masks, and even how to clean. The image to the right is also in the addendum, but click here to view on its own.

“A stimulation study that came out this week showed that, in classrooms, surgical masks reduce transmission 8-fold. Surgical masks have a great filter, but sometimes they are way too loose on kids. Fit and filter are very important with Delta. For great masks look for ASTM-certified surgical or tight-fitting cloth masks for kids. For fantastic masks, look for KN95 or KF94 made for kids. N95’s are not made for kids, so do not buy them for kids to wear; they don’t fit correctly. Dr. Eva Enns from the University of Minnesota School of Public Health put together an amazing list with specific kid mask brands here. Dr. Linsey Marr at Virginia Tech also made an amazing list here.” Read the entire article at this link

Here are some additional ways to help cloth or disposable masks fit better :

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