Student Spotlights, January/February Edition of the Current

Headwaters School

Creek Library Showcases Black History Month

By Nicole Economou, Creek Librarian

This month at the Creek Library, we are showcasing Black History Month. Our library is full of books about influential Black Americans, so I thought what better way to show our appreciation than to display some facts, and books about these historical figures. Our students have been very interested in reading the displays, and flipping through the books. For some, it is hard to look past the graphic novels and the Percy Jackson series, so it has been great to see students expanding their horizons, and exploring our biography and history books. I hope to peak more interest in our Non-fiction section in the future. Next month we plan to display books for Women’s History Month. 

Our Creek Creators board is also in full effect this year! The board is used to display different classes’ projects throughout the school year. Last semester we had the Phoenixes display their projects on the Paleozoic era. We also had the Owls class display art projects on butterflies. Currently, we have works from the Kingfisher’s class displayed. They have been studying the timeline of humans, and they became particularly interested in Neanderthals and their art. They were so inspired by the Neanderthal’s cave drawings, they decided to create their own. The Creek Creators board really brings character and color to the library, and it is a great way for all of our students to see what everyone has been working on. 

Engineer Your World

Earlier this semester, the high school Engineer Your World class worked on product presentations to their “board” made up of some Headwaters Guides and Admin. Engineer Your World is an innovative, student-centered curriculum taught by Guide Stephanie Roach that engages learners in authentic engineering experiences and inspires them to embrace an engineer’s habits of mind. 

In their unit on Reverse Engineering, the focus was on “students’ understanding of engineering design as a methodical, customer-centered process. This unit asks students to improve the functionality of a common consumer product to better meet the needs of a particular user group.” 10th graders Eli Floyd, Nicolás Marcotte, and Ryan Liedeker worked together to pitch LUXATRON, their innovative new flashlight concept. The group prepared a pitch deck and a commercial, and then pitched the product to the board. Congrats to each group on their work!

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