Graydon’s Ghosties | Halloween 2022 Scavenger Hunt

Headwaters School
It's back again! We're hosting a special scavenger hunt for Halloween! Students are eligible to participate when they find a hidden paper ghost around campus. The scavenger hunt ends on Friday, 10/28.
Read a special message from Senior Graydon below!

Greetings, souls of flesh and bone!

You have been invited to partake in collecting a menagerie of ghosts, ghouls, and spectres for... reasons. To make the labor worthwhile, there will be boons for whoever is lucky to win in a spooktacular raffle. Each ghost you submit will be a ticket for prizes you might win! Don't think this will be easy however; These ghosts have learned from last year to pick some trickier hiding places, you'll need to search up and down for these spooky friends. Ghosts will not be near any guides' desks/office spaces, or in outdoor areas. Also there are no ghosts in that elevated platform next to the front stairs of Building 6 and a few other spots (see the FAQs below), so please don't fall off and crush the person entering from the doorway. Have at it, and enjoy yourselves!

PS: Look out for the bonus ghosts; each one is hidden in challenging locations, but grant guaranteed prizes to the finder!

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers 
Q: How do I turn in my paper ghostie for the raffle?
  1. Look around campus for paper ghosts. These ghosts will be hidden in general/public access areas. They will NOT be hidden in:
- Outdoor areas
- Students and faculties' personal space or belongings
- The Teachers' Lounge
- Glassware in the science rooms
- Crawl space and other non-easily accessible areas
- Anywhere with the risk of falling (through, or off of)
- Behind paintings, posters, or other fragile decorations
  1. CLEARLY write your FIRST AND LAST NAME on the back of your ghost/s. 
  2. Deposit your ghost in the correct envelope at the front desk. They are on the window of Paula's desk.
  3. The final day to submit found ghosts is Friday 10/28/2022. Three winners will be pulled from their respective envelope during the Halloween Birthday Bash at each lunch Monday 10/31/2022.
Q: What do the ghosts look like?
A: Each ghost is drawn on a small piece of paper with a sharpie (or micron pen). They are about the size of a quarter. Bonus Ghosts are drawn in color, and have names on the back of the drawing. 
Q: I have some ghosts, what do I do with them?
A: Good job! There will be two envelopes next to the front desk in Building 4 (for Middle School and High School respectively), to turn in your ghosties. You will be assigned a number for when we perform the raffle at the Halloween Costume Contest. Please be sure to submit your ghosts in a plastic bag with some form of identification. You may also just collect the ghosts for fun; whatever floats your boat. 
Q: What are some of the prizes?
A: Prizes will include candy, a loaf of pumpkin bread, bragging rights until next year's Halloween Bash and more!

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