Sewing Machines for Afghan Refugees

Avé Luke-Simpson, PhD, High School Director
I want to express particular pride in two students who are living the “A” in our PACT by being advocates for Afghan refugee families here in Texas. Yara Hussain (‘23) and Stewart Haas (‘24) were showcased on both Fox 7 and KXAN on December 11 for seeing their Community Leader’s (CLs) project–fundraising to purchase sewing machines to help Afghan refugee women economically support their families and themselves–come to fruition.

In Yara’s words, “there’s a lot of public awareness that needs to be done for what comes next and the challenges that come with entering a new culture while dealing with the traumas of resettlements… the least we could do is show our support, our social solidarity with people on the ground protesting against this and starting fundraisers.” Stewart shared, “Making sure people recognize that everything is connected is very important, so that they actually care. And when people care, they do something about it.” Through bake sales held here at Headwaters, Yara and Stewart were able to raise sufficient funds to be able to donate the machines, seen in the photo above, through Global Impact Initiative, a local non-profit that offers workplace and educational training for local refugees.
My sincere thanks to Stewart and Yara not only for their fundraising efforts, but also for educating our larger High School community about the current economic and social issues that Afghans face. Thank you for modeling for our community how to move from resolve to action! 


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