March/April 2023 Staff Spotlight: Lauran Janes

Headwaters School
Meet Lauran Janes, our Elementary Health and Fitness Guide on the Creek Campus.
Lauran joined us this school year and has been having a blast with the elementary students, while bringing her mindfulness educational philosophy into every class. 

Lauran has been a mindfulness educator for over 20 years. She shared that she is “equal parts curious for and passionate about the intersection of movement and mental wellness.” Before coming to Headwaters, Lauran created and piloted two mindful-movement programs for both neuro-typical and neuro-divergent students in AISD.

Lauran’s classes are fun and encourage teamwork for our students. “Mindful movement helps children gain greater access to the part of the brain that supports creativity, curiosity, organization, coordination and connection.” Lauren continued, “Movement practices help build new neural pathways giving children greater access to their power…great access to their amazing-ness!” 

What Brought Lauran to Headwaters
My aim here at Headwaters is to build-out a mindful fitness program designed to give them x-ray vision inside their skin so they can see and experience “how to” emotionally regulate and access their full power.  The human body is way cooler than a Tesla and I'm determined to find ways to excite children about their amazing vehicle.

Fun Facts about Lauran
  • Fred Rogers is my hero. His genuine care for children and humanity inspires me to rise to the occasion and "be love" one day at a time. “This is what I give.  I give an expression of care every day to each child, to help him realize that he is unique…I feel that if we…can only make it clear that feelings are mentionable and manageable we will have done a great service for mental health.”  Fred Rogers
  • In my 20s I wrote a feature film starring Willie Nelson. 
  • Lauren is gearing up for her first TEDx talk. This talk will go hand-in-hand with her desire to build out an experiential mindful fitness family program during which children and parents can get fit (mindfully) side by side. Lauren says, “ Kids benefit greatly when they see their parents bump up against their edge (physically) while still remaining composed and graceful.  That’s what mindful fitness is for… to practice doing hard things whole-heartily.”


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