March/April 2023 Student Spotlight: MS/HS Project Week

Headwaters School
Every year, each Headwaters middle and high school student invests in a personal project. Students pick their topics in January and develop their projects through early March.
“What is Project Week?” A Film
By Natalie Daubert ‘25
In this film, 10th grade Natalie Daubert explores what Project Week actually is for her own Project Week. Check out clips from other middle and high school students' projects and enjoy this informational and fun video!
Pet Memorial Signs 
By Garnett Bryant ’29
6th grader Garnett Bryant leveraged his family’s fabrication and welding studio Odin Plasma to start his own unique business–pet memorial signs. And this business is fully functional! You can purchase a personalized metal sign for your yard or wall that Garnett designed. What a wonderful way to memorialize a beloved pet!

Follow along, learn more, and order your own sign via his Instagram or Facebook channels.
Recreation of Pip and Pop - Sculpture of Sugar, Tinsel, and Found Colorful Material
By Johanna Watters ‘25

“This project was inspired by my desire to create art I really feel expresses me. I thought of what I might want to create based on my personal interest along with what art I've seen and loved for a long time. I settled on the Australian artist Pip  and Pop for my visual inspiration. I saw her work online a few years ago and never really forgot about how cool it was. I made a smaller version out of styrofoam and clay. I learned a lot about how I want to express myself through my art and I also experimented with sculpting which is something I haven't done much before. The goal was to learn about my own art style and improve on a new technique.”
Designing Building 9 
By August Floyd ‘27 and Harper Eye ‘27

8th graders August and Harper teamed up once again for Project Week! This year they took on a hypothetical project–if we had a Building 9, how would they design it?

Using Tinkercad, these students created an imaginary building floor plan that incorporated things they thought the school could use. This included a parking lot for carpoolers, a central courtyard, a bridge walkway, an indoor activity multi-purpose room, and lots of windows for natural light. 

Harper said, “It was fun, yet a new experience, like a big puzzle. We also had to learn how to balance design and aesthetics with what we could realistically accomplish.”
Camping at Gila National Park
Each spring, our High School Outdoor Leadership group goes on their big camping trip during Project Week. This is the cumulation of a year of preparation, including wilderness first aid and general camping. This year, the club members drove to Gila National Forest in New Mexico as part of their Project Week and stayed there for the entirety of the week. During the trip, they participated in multiple activities every day–hiking on various trails like Little Bear Canyon Trail and to various cliffs each day. 

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