Guide Spotlight March/April 2024: Christina Keller

Headwaters School
Meet Christina Keller, Early Elementary Kingfishers Guide!
Christina joined us this past fall and has been an incredible addition to the Elementary teaching team! She is a skilled Montessorian and educator. In 2014, Christina graduated from Swarthmore College with a B.A. in Sociology/Anthropology and Educational Studies. College ignited her passion for education. Her journey led her to Austin, where she became a founding lead guide at a public Montessori charter school, contributing nine years of dedicated teaching. Christina holds an AMS Montessori certification from the Houston Montessori Center, and recently completed her Masters in Montessori Education and Leadership from St. Catherine University. Congratulations! 

Fascinated by the cosmic component of Montessori education, Christina finds joy in nurturing children's curiosity about the interconnectedness of humanity and the universe. She believes in fostering wonder through scientific exploration, cultural studies, and a deep appreciation for the world around us. In her Headwaters classroom, she cultivates this sense of wonder with work that touches on the world around us.

Beyond the classroom, Christina loves the company of her two dogs at the park, nurturing her garden, and immersing herself in the pages of a good book. She enjoys visiting with her family in Minnesota and friendly board game competitions with her husband. We are so glad you found Headwaters, Christina!

What Brought You To Headwaters

I was drawn to Headwaters by the focus on social justice that is seen through the PACT. I love that we explicitly focus on helping children become advocates and peacemakers. I've enjoyed helping the wonderful Kingfisher students write letters to government officials advocating for change, raise money to help provide clean drinking water for others, and practice voting.

Fun Facts about Christina

  • I really enjoy long distance running. You can probably find me running around Town Lake on the weekends. One of my favorite runs was hiking up Humphreys Peak in Arizona, and then running down it in a monsoon.
  • I grew up near an apple orchard in Minnesota, and love having students taste test different kinds of apples in the fall.
  • I did improv when I first moved to Austin and once played the role of a pompom that dreamed of becoming a jellyfish.
  • I enjoy having dance parties with my two dogs and two guinea pigs.
  • Manatees are my favorite animal!


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