Celebrate Black History Month

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Black History Month is an annual celebration of achievements by Black Americans and a time for recognizing their central role in U.S. history.
But don't stop at one month! Keep learning all year long.
To start off the month, we'd like to share work from two people--writer Esau McCaulley and author Charnaie Gordon.

Black History Month Is About Seeing America Clearly
Contributing Opinion writer for the New York Times Esau McCaulley wrote a very powerful piece for The New York Times last year. And it asks to be read many times more. You can read the entire essay here on the NYT site at this link

MS Director Terra Lynch shared this essay with staff today calling out some pivotal points in the essay. From the challenges of teaching Black history in terms of "exemplars," to realizing that Black achievement had been erased, to hearing a new history when he got to college. McCaulley ends his essay with a call to see our history clearly and then to work towards a "more perfect--and just--union." We hope you enjoy this essay.

Reminder, students with @headwaters.org emails can have free NYT access. Learn more here

Incorporating More
Charnaie Gordon
Charnaie Gordon, a children's book author, podcaster, content creator, and speaker, shares her love of reading, learning, and curiosity by connecting people with diverse and inclusive books. MS Director Terra also shared her work with staff today. 

In an Instagram post today, Gordon shared about incorporating more Black excellence and celebrating the triumphs and joy. Read the post below and click here to see it:

Let’s move beyond exclusively reading books that focus on slavery, racism, oppression, trauma, pain, and struggle for Black History Month.

Also, incorporate more books that show Black excellence, Black leaders, inventors, scientists, artists, and Black joy. Do this ALL year long, not just during the month of February.

Can you commit to that this year and every year going forward with your children or students?👇🏾

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You can learn more about Charnaie Gordon's work by following her on social media @hereweeread, her blog, and checking out her linktree for more. 


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